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There are 4 types of documents in the Foundation Doctor Handbook; these are detailed below with example of each. For every document there is an associated reference list of the resources used.


The Foundation Doctor Handbook works on a variety of iOS and Android devices, with documents adjusting automatically to fit your screen size.

In addition the Foundation Doctor Handbook includes a robust, easy to use navigation system. Search by document type, speciality or free text search.

Foundation Doctor Handbook Assessment


Assessment advice for a wide range of common routine and emergency presentations. Suggestions are given on pertinent history questions, key examination findings in an A-E format, most relevant investigations and links to possible differentials.

Click image to open CHEST PAIN ASSESSMENT example

Chest Pain Assessment
Foundation Doctor Handbook Management


Evidence based and fully referenced advice on the management of over 40 common conditions. Management documents include relevant background information including potential treatments and suggestions on when further investigations or more senior help should be sought. 

Click image to open EPISTAXIS MANAGEMENT example

Epistaxis management
Foundation Doctor Handbook Reference


A collection of resources to help with commonly faced medical scenarios. These include advice on x-ray interpretation, fluid analysis (such as pleural fluid and CSF) and guidelines for the prescription of tricky medications. Also cover areas such as capacity and consent.

Click image to open NG TUBE REFERENCE example

NG Tube Placement
Foundation Doctor Handbook Calculator


Scoring systems for all of the commonly used clinical calculators. Advice on significance and interpretation as well as suggested management is also provided where relevant. Links to appropriate assessment, management and reference documents provide further information.

Click image to open NIHSS CALCULATOR example

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